Wakeipedia: An Extended Reading of Page 1 of Finnegans Wake

It’s time to use technology to rid ourselves of our inherent fear of Finnegans Wake. The first time you pick up Finnegans Wake, a fierce mix of feelings flow through your veins even as you read the first fragment starting with the word “riverrun.” Wait, fragment? How could a book possibly start with a fragment? Who allowed this! At this point, it doesn’t matter. Finnegans Wake exists whether or not your traditional self can handle it, and I’ve provided a couple of modern ways that could help you understand this modernist text. I’m in no way trying to impose a type of interpretation, but rather leaving you, the reader, to your own devices to try to figure out what’s going on here. The point is, anyone can pick up Finnegans Wake and with the right tools, understand it. Don’t worry, I’m as stumped as you are.

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